New Website

New Website

26. Dezember 2020 Allgemein 1

Hey! lovely Visitors, Players, Members and Gamers out there … Im glad to welcome you on our brandnew Website. It was a lot of Work to get all the Things up but after hours in the end it’s up. We hope you can find all the information you need about our Community and’ll contribute your part also to it.

A Community is always as great as his Members. So keep in mind that we need you for new Ideas, reporting Players and Members and much more.

A Quick Overview as follows:
x Please submit new Ideas, Feature Requests in the Ideas Section.
x Things to discuss have its place in the Forums.
x Information and Documentations are settled down in the Wiki.
x Community Features, such as Messages, Media and so on is
in and in the submenu of Community.
x Report Cheaters/Players use the Report Form.

If you like our work and you feel good in our Community, please
DONATE, we need the Support for our Servers and to keep Things

Happy exploring our Website,
the Team of Alphaground & gRoot as the Webmaster.

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